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build with us.
No matter if you are a builder, a planner, an architect or an engineer – your aim is to create lasting values. For many construction projects, concrete still is an indispensable (and beautiful) material.
But with 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production of cement and concrete, it's also a highly problematic one.
By choosing neustark you can significantly lower the carbon footprint of your next construction project.
With us you will
  • remove CO₂ from the atmosphere that has been released in the past
  • permanently store this CO₂ in the concrete used for your project
  • lower new CO₂ emissions by reducing the amount of necessary cement in concrete recipes.
where our sites are.
Concrete with a more favorable climate balance is crucial when it comes to preserving the environment in which we build our homes, factories and cities.
neustark significantly improves the climate footprint of new buildings while meeting the highest standards of quality, strength and durability.
Modern Building
Today, various concrete producers store CO₂ with one of neustark's mobile plants and produce concrete that is used both in private and public construction projects.

Our partners

Build more sustainable and rely on neustark. Invest in more climate-friendly concrete and identify your new building as a pioneering project in sustainability and construction. 
your impact.
Today, we already store around 10kg of CO₂ removed from the atmosphere per cubic meter of fresh concrete. Additionally, up to 20 kg of new CO₂ emissions per ton of fresh concrete can be avoided by choosing neustark.
Further development of our technology will multiply these figures: by 2025 we'll be able to produce climate neutral concrete. And by 2050 we want to reduce the construction industry’s CO₂ emissions by 1 billion tons per year

Make your project a flagship of sustainability

By choosing concrete produced with neustark you significantly improve the climate footprint of your building while meeting the highest standards of quality, strength and durability.
Concrete Wall

As long as the last wall is not in place, you can involve neustark in your project. 

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