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Concrete producers

Let's join forces to decarbonize the industry and escape pressure on margins by removing CO2 together – today.


Neustark turns mineral waste streams into carbon sinks: from demolition concrete to slags and ashes to slurry.

To do so we work with biogas plants to source our CO₂ and storage partners located in close proximity to each other to store the CO₂ via mineralization in different mineral waste streams.

Mineralizing CO₂ is a process that we’ve proven to be both commercially and ecologically viable – as the first player to do so worldwide. We already have numerous storage sites in operation across Europe and are scaling up quickly.

Team up with us and turn the decarbonization of construction into an opportunity for your business. You have the residual water – we have the technology to add on.

We install our technology alongside your existing production process and create an additional income stream for you. Nothing is disrupted – it’s an add on. For your business, for your sustainability efforts, and for the climate.

Storage sites at concrete producers

At production sites, mobile and stationary concrete mixers are regularly cleaned of residues. The result is a waste product that is collected in the slurry water pit: water with a very high proportion of cement phases, also known as residual water or slurry.

In most cases, the slurry is used as a fresh water substitute for the production of (recycled) concrete.

neustark has developed a technology that enriches the slurry with CO₂ and triggers an accelerated mineralization process. Thus the CO₂ is durably stored as limestone in the cement parts of the residual water.

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It's a dual advantage

First, this all happens alongside the concrete producer's existing processes, not disrupting the plant's operations. Our storage tech is easily integrated into the residual water treatment process and can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with other solution types from our portfolio (see below).

Second, in addition to the storage of CO₂, the mineralization process simultaneously neutralizes the slurry. The pH value decreases from approximately 12 to 8.5 through carbonation. This allows excess residual water to be fed into the wastewater without high disposal costs.

It’s a win-win-win: processors and recyclers profit from an additional revenue stream that also helps their sustainability action.


Result: added value for all!

It’s a win-win-win: concrete producers profit from an additional revenue stream that also helps their sustainability efforts.

Neustark removes CO₂ from the atmosphere. Both businesses and the climate benefit.

Let's go on this pioneering journey, together.

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Why work with neustark?

Make your business (even more) sustainable

Whether your employees, investors, clients or regulators – all stakeholder groups want to see companies implement tangible climate action now.

Be a pioneer

Carbon removal is becoming a big industry, fast. You have the power to scale up the industry – and be one of the first to do so. We have the technology. Let’s lead the way, together.

Additional revenue stream

Partnering with neustark helps you to create a new business field and, in the mid-term, generate an additional income stream.

Impact today – and tomorrow

Unlike other carbon utilization or removal methods, neustark’s solution is ready today. By joining forces, you can have a direct impact on your business right away.

Our solution type


CO₂ carbonator

The CO₂ carbonator is designed as a stand-alone tech that can easily be integrated into the residual water treatment process to carbonate the slurry. It continuously circulates the slurry water from the pit and injects CO₂ until it reaches the level of where it cannot absorb anymore CO₂ and thus neutralizes its PH value.

So how does the process of working together look like?

  • ​We determine the ecological and commercial potential based on the specific framework for your business.
  • ​We validate the key assumption behind the calculated potential through a lab-scale test series. If needed, we validate those tests at a larger scale.
  • ​Together, we design and implement a stationary solution that ideally fits into your existing infrastructure and processes.
  • We construct the plant, and once ready, you take on ownership.
  • You operate the plant, and neustark works with you to store many tons of CO₂ over the years!


  • Neustark’s solution is based on the well-researched chemical process known as natural mineralization or carbonation. Our technology accelerates this process from over 1000 years to just a few hours while multiplying the average CO₂ uptake.

    For more information, see How our solution works.

  • We have adaptable business models as well as product types, according to your needs.

    In general, neustark constructs the storage technology at your plant. Once finished, the storage site belongs to you, the recycler. An initial, lump-sum investment to purchase the technology is needed. This investment is then counterbalanced by neustark paying you to utilize your storage site. Over the course of a few years, the initial investment is turned into profit for you.

  • In addition to the storage of CO₂, the mineralization process simultaneously neutralizes the slurry. This means that excess residual water can be fed into the wastewater without high disposal costs.

  • We partner with biogas plant to filter out the CO₂ that is created during the plant’s production process. We then liquefy the captured CO₂ to then transport it to the nearby storage sites.

  • Depending on the density of cement parts in the residual water and the amount of residual water produced, our plants can store up to an additional 200 tons of CO₂ every year.

Are you interested?

Reach out today to explore how we can partner up!

Luis Schaub

Luis Schaub

Sales Manager Storage Plants

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