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Neustark starts removing CO₂ for Microsoft

When it comes to tackling climate change, avoiding CO₂ emissions is crucial - but not enough. In order to reach net-zero we have to actively remove CO₂ from our atmosphere. With our carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) service, we enable responsible, forward-looking companies to remove unavoidable emissions and position themselves in a fast evolving market of the future. One of the first entities to do so is Microsoft. 

The latest IPCC report on the state of our climate leaves no doubt about it: to make sure global warming stays below 1.5°C we need to act quickly and decisively. To reach the goals set in the ratified Paris agreement, avoiding future emissions isn’t enough: there is no way around actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Based on our up-and-running CDR technology which captures CO₂ from the atmosphere and permanently stores it in recycled concrete, neustark offers CDR certificates to companies who aim to spearhead the development of negative emission technologies towards a more sustainable economy.

We are thrilled to announce that Microsoft is among the first companies to purchase our CDR certificates for mineralization of atmospheric CO₂. neustark’s technology-based project was selected by Microsoft to deliver carbon removal in 2022 and for its significant scaleup potential. Microsoft will acquire a significant portion of our 2022 certificate budget, which we will hand over as early as June of 2022.

As one of the first companies to source carbon removal, Microsoft is committed to solutions with maximum integrity and durability. Solutions like neustark can provide these features not years from now, but today.

Elizabeth Willmott Carbon program director at Microsoft

By investing in our service Microsoft aims to further reduce its carbon footprint to meet the ambitious goal of becoming a negative CO₂ emitter by 2030. Their commitment is an invaluable sign of trust towards our current technology and the future potential of CDR solutions in general. Our collaboration will enable Microsoft to gain deep insights into the rapidly growing CDR market, which offers new business opportunities for the tech sector.

Working with Microsoft was a true pleasure. Their openness to deal with initially high uncertainty and costs in order to tap into a future market was truly inspiring for us as an emerging start-up. With their well-informed staff, clear ambitions, a detailed framework and their constructive, highly agile collaborative approach, Microsoft significantly accelerates the further development and deployment of CDR technologies like ours.

Johannes Tiefenthaler Co-CEO neustark

Our CDR certificates guarantee for effective, safe and permanent CO₂ storage. Effective because the net climate impact of our solution is measured accurately and because our technology reaches a carbon removal efficiency of 95%. Safe because the process does not interfere with natural ecosystems. And permanent because the CO₂ we petrify and turn into limestone will not return into the atmosphere for millions of years. To prove this, we are the world’s first technical CO₂ solution working under a Gold Standard methodology. Gold Standard is our industry’s most highly regarded 3rd party verification body.

Media contacts

Elmar Vatter

Elmar Vatter

Project Lead Marketing & Communications

Sophie Dres

Sophie Dres

Chief Marketing Officer

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