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Showcasing the finance sector's climate impact: Verdane signs 10-year carbon removal contract with neustark

We need technological solutions to fight climate change

The latest IPCC report states it more clearly than ever before: we will not avoid a climate catastrophe without removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Because natural carbon removals only won’t be enough, technological carbon removals are key to limit global warming to safe levels.

Neustark provides a solution to remove CO₂ from the air permanently by storing it in recycled concrete. Neustark offers this service to pioneering companies willing to lead the transformation to the necessary carbon removal market. One of the first businesses to opt for neustark’s high quality carbon removal credits is specialist growth equity investment firm Verdane, signing a 10-year removal contract.

neustark’s technological solution

In contrast to conventional avoidance credits, neustark’s carbon removal solution reverses CO₂ emissions already released into the atmosphere. By working exclusively with CO₂ from direct air capture and biogenic sources, fossil CO₂ does not come into play. Dedicated life cycle assessments show that the technology reaches a carbon removal efficiency of 95% — meaning that running the process only causes 5% of the emissions that are later removed from the atmosphere. All CO₂eg emissions the process causes are taken into account and are compensated for.

Further, the process does not interfere with natural ecosystems. It requires only a very small area as it is integrated into already existing industrial processes. The mineralized CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere and stored for millions of years. The transparent and measurable solution is the world’s first technology-based carbon removal approach applying a methodology approved by the Gold Standard, the industry’s most trusted certification body.

Verdane leads by example

By making this service commercially available, neustark enables business to address their historic or unavoidable carbon emissions. One of the first customers is growth equity investment firm Verdane, showcasing the impact the finance sector can have on accelerating the scale up of much-needed carbon removal technology.

Verdane believes in the transformative power of private equity to help both people and the planet face global challenges. And Verdane walks the talk: based on an in-depth due diligence process, the company only chose high quality and permanent engineered carbon removal solutions to address its own CO₂ footprint.

Verdane has signed a ground-breaking 10-year commitment with neustark, which not only serves as a milestone in removing the growth equity investment firm’s emissions, but also has a catalytic effect, as it allows neustark to scale up its carbon removal infrastructure faster. The commitment shows the wide impact the finance sector can have on the carbon removal market: through traditional actions when it comes to investments, but also by supporting up-and-running removal technologies as pioneering customers that can accelerate the global path to net zero.

This 10-year commitment sends an important signal to the market for much-needed carbon removal technologies. We hope that Verdane’s pioneering commitment will inspire others — in the finance sector and beyond.

Johannes Tiefenthaler Co-CEO and co-founder at neustark

We are pleased to have entered into this partnership with neustark, with the aim to provide catalytic demand to help scale its net zero-critical technology and neutralize Verdane’s residual emissions. We were convinced by neustark’s transparency, the permanence of its solution, and importantly that the company can offer an already up and running solution. We hope that our commitment inspires the finance sector to follow suit.

Bjarne Kveim Lie Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Verdane

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Sophie Dres

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