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What you will need to plant the seed paper

  • A container to soak the seed paper
  • A pot for planting (ideally a clay pot with a drainage hole)
  • Potting soil & water
  • A place for your seeds to grow at a constant temperature
  • …and of course, a little patience and a lot of love 😊

What you need to do with the seeds before planting

The seeds need to be hydrated before planting. To do so, cut the seed paper into pieces and put them in a container. Then cover it with water and leave overnight.

And then?

  • Prepare a pot with potting soil; ideally, a pot made of clay, no more than 10-15cm deep and with a hole for drainage.
  • Remove the damp seed paper from the container and place it on top of the soil.
  • Then cover the seed paper with around 5mm soil.
  • Tip: To get the best results you can even separate the seeds from the damp paper by hand and then sprinkle them on top of the soil.

Things you should consider whilst growing your seeds

  • During the germination process, keep the soil moist but not soggy. This also goes for when the plant starts growing.
  • Place the pot in a place that has a constant temperature, in a bright place without direct sunlight.
  • Depending on the time of the year, it should take about a week for the seeds to sprout.

Last but not least

After your seedling has grown to between 3 and 5 cm tall, it’s time to transplant it into a bigger pot. And enjoy!