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neustark allows for the removal of CO₂ from the atmosphere and its permanent storage in recycled concrete granulate. Our technology also aims to reduce the necessary cement in fresh concrete to the regulatory minimum.
This results in the most climate-friendly concrete in Switzerland and makes neustark concrete not only a circular product, but also an economical one. 
A neustark plant is ready for operation within 2 days. We ensure the continuous supply of CO₂ from biogenic sources and guarantee the smooth operation of the plant.

how it works.

Our solution is based on the well researched phenomenon known as natural mineralization or carbonation.
neustark accelerates this process from over 1000 years to just a few hours while quintupling the average CO₂ uptake.
With neustark, carbonation takes place before the granules are mixed with cement. The pH value of the finished concrete is the same as that of conventionally produced concrete.

Today we store up to10 kg of CO₂ per cubic metre of fresh concrete.

By 2025 we will be able to multiply these numbers and create climate neutral concrete.

The concrete is produced in accordance with the usual market standard and therefore meets all relevant quality criteria such as workability, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity and durability.
Each of our plants mineralizes around 20 tons of concrete granules per hour. With additional modules, the output can be increased to over 100 tons of concrete granules, which is sufficient even for very large construction material recyclers.
Modern Building
From 2025 onwards, a complementary neustark technology will allow you to increase the capacity of your plant many times over. The production of climate neutral concrete will become a reality.  
By optimizing concrete recipes, we aim to reduce the amount of cement in fresh concrete towards the regulatory minimum.
neustark not only removes CO₂ from the atmosphere and stores about 10kg in each cubic meter of recycled concrete aggregate.
By using our technology, new carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced as the amount of cement in fresh concrete may be lowered towards the regulatory minimum - without any loss of quality. 
Up to another 20 kg of CO₂ emissions per ton of fresh concrete can thereby be avoided. Further development of our technology will multiply these figures. By 2050 we aim to reduce the construction industry's CO₂ emissions by 1 billion tons per year.

your options. today. 

If you are interested in working with neustark, we'll work towards an ideal implementation in four steps.
First we follow a structured process to determine the ecological and economical potential of neustark based on the specific framework conditions of your business.
Second, we validate the key assumption behind the calculated potential through a lab scale concrete test series.
Third, you can rent our mobile unit to validate those tests at large scale.
Last but not least we design and implement a mobile or stationary neustark solution that ideally integrates into your existing infrastructure and processes.

neustark integrates seamlessly into your production process.

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