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remove with us.
To make sure global warming stays below 1.5°C, avoiding CO emissions isn’t enough: we need to start removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere as of today.

With neustark’s Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) service, we enable future-oriented companies to remove their
unavoidable CO2 emissions through a unique process that is credited by the Gold Standard.

Using our latest technology, we remove CO
from the atmosphere and permanently store it in recycled concrete through mineralization – highly effective, safe and permanent.

our promise

In contrast to conventional avoidance credits, with neustark CDR credits CO₂ emissions are reversed by removing them from the atmosphere and storing them permanently. For our CDR service we exclusively work with CO₂ from direct air capture or biogenic sources.

With neustark CDR credits, CO2 emissions are not avoided, but reversed: they are removed from the atmosphere and stored permanently. 

The credited removals are permanent and safe. Our technical approach does not interfere with natural ecosystems. We petrify the captured CO₂, turning it into limestone through a process called mineral carbonation.
The mineralized CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and stored for millions of years.

With our technical carbon removal approach, the net climate impact is precisely measured. By implementing a solution which can be added to already existing infrastructure, the neustark technology itself is lightweight towards its own footprint.  The process itself emits only small amounts of CO₂eq. and has a 95% efficiency. All CO₂eq. emissions during the process are taken into account and are compensated for. Neustark CDR credits are thus issued for a net carbon removal. 

Trust has always been a core value of our company.
To prove this, we quantify our net carbon removal with a Gold Standard methodology. Gold standard is our industry’s most highly regarded certification standard. 

Demolished concrete is the world's largest man made waste stream. 
We turn it into a carbon sink.

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The net climate impact of our solution is measured accurately and as of today reaches
a carbon removal efficiency of 95%.

Our process does not interfere with natural ecosystems. 

Our solution is permanent. The CO₂ we petrify and turn into limestone will not return into the atmosphere for millions of years.
In addition to removal and storage of CO₂, our solutions has additional positive effects on the climate.

Using our CO₂ enriched concrete aggregate for the production of new concrete reduces the necessary amount of cement. 

This effect is not included in our removal credits: it is a co-benefit on top of the removal of CO₂.
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In 2022, we will achieve a net negative removal of 1’000 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Already in 2023, we aim to reach the 10’000-tonnes-mark. We are on a realistic path towards storing 1’000’000 tonnes of CO₂ annually in 2030.

Towards 2050, our approach to CDR has a global potential of over 500 Mt of CO₂ per year
We remove your company's unavoidable emissions ,  helping you achieve your net zero goals. 

your advantage

Your investment into our CDR service proves your serious climate ambitions and ameliorates your reputational risks by taking care of your company’s carbon footprint. But that’s not all you gain:

The CDR sector is in a rapid growth stage.
By working with us you can spearhead the development of negative emission technologies and co-create a net-zero and resource efficient economy.

Not only do you unlock future business potentials for your company, you also become even more attractive to top talent and stock markets.
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Reach out to us to discuss CDR volumes, timelines and further areas of collaborations.

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