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neustark removes CO2 from the atmosphere
permanently stores it in recycled concrete

and cuts new emissions by reducing the use of cement.

What if the concrete we build with could help solve the global climate crisis? 

By removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in concrete permanently, neustark's technology generates negative emissions. Reducing the emissions we produce across the globe is crucial - but to reach our climate goals, carbon removal (CDR) is indispensable.
In 2020, we pioneered the market with our modular plants enabling producers to capture CO2 in recycled concrete. In 2021, we rolled out our first stationary site, and in 2022, had four sites up-and-running in Switzerland - and storing CO2  successfully.

We are on a mission to store one million tons of CO₂
 in 2030, and are currently scaling up across Europe. We work with biogas plants to source our CO2, concrete recyclers to store the CO2, and companies with ambitious net-zero strategies to acquire our CDR.


CO2 is removed from our air, carbon dioxide levels in our atmoshpere are thereby reduced.
That's how we undo damage from the past in order to save our future.


About 10kg of the captured CO₂ are permanently stored in each cubic meter of concrete.

It's a natural process sped up from centuries to hours by our technology
(we also quadruple the CO₂ uptake)


The enriched material allows for the reduction of cement in fresh concrete.
Up to 20kg of new CO2 emissions per m³ of fresh concrete are avoided.
About 10kg of COare irreversably stored per m³ of concrete.


Up to 20kg of new CO2 emissions are avoided in the production process.


concrete with a 10% improved carbon footprint
At neustark, we enable permanent CO2 storage...
...for a bright future of all generations on our planet.

How do we do that?
Through an intricate process of sourcing, transporting and u
ltimately storing CO
2 in recycled concrete, permanently.  


your options. today. 

Organizations with ambitious climate targets can undo their unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions through a uniquely credible Carbon Dioxide Removal approach.
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Builders, planners, engineers and architects can significantly improve the carbon footprint of their projects without any loss of quality.

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Concrete producers can seamlessly implement our technology into their production process to store CO₂ (which we deliver) in concrete and turn carbon dioxide into a valuable building material.
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To learn more about neustark, our technology and the impact our solution can have to lower the CO₂ emissions of the construction industry, 
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Lisa Braune_Head of CDR.jpg
 Lisa Braune 
 Head of CDR 
 Frrok Prenka 
 Head of Operations 
Sophie Dres_Head of Communications_edited.jpg
 Sophie Dres 
 Head of Communications 

our partners

 Valentin Gutknecht 
 Co-founder & Co-CEO 
 Johannes Tiefenthaler 
 Co-founder & Co-CEO 
 Roman Vatter 
 Head Finance 
 & Administration 
«By 2030, we aim to remove and permanently store one million tons of CO2 per year.»
Johannes Tiefenthaler

neustark's management team

 Jeanne Wittwer 
 Head of Production 
Daniel Egger_Head Project Development.jpg
 Daniel Egger 
 Head Project Development 
Pieter van den Broek_Head of HR.jpg
 Pieter van den Broek 
 Head of HR 
Profilfoto_Mischa Repmann_04.jpg
 Dr. Mischa Repmann 
 Co-founder & 
 Carbon removal and
 carbon markets advisor 
 Prof. Dr. Marco Mazzotti 
 ETH Zurich Professor &
 Scientific Advisor 

next steps

We are now significantly scaling up our operations. We've shown that our technology and process are ecologically and commercially viable by having pioneered the first and, in 2022, rolled out four sites permanently storing CO₂.

To maximize our impact, we are now expanding in Switzerland and across Europe on the road to storing one million tons of CO₂ in 2030. 

Each month, we are entering and rolling out partnerships with local CO₂ sources as well as local concrete recyclers to install our technology and process onto their existing sites - without disrupting their current processes, helping them to become more sustainable and commercially innovative and successful.

At the same time, we are increasingly examining and closing deals with larger companies that have ambitious net-zero strategies - and that see the benefit and need of investing in negative emission technologies. These organizations purchase our CDR, and we help them reach their sustainability goals.

What's more, we're researching other technologies to permanently store CO₂. Amongst others, by playing a leading role in the ETH-led research project DemoUpCARMAwhich is piloting the  geological storage of Swiss biogenic CO₂ in Iceland.

There's so much more to come! Join neustark on our journey of enabling permanent 
CO₂ storage - for a bright future of all generations on our planet.   
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