neustark removes CO2 from the atmosphere
permanently stores it in recycled concrete

and cuts new emissions by reducing the use of cement.

What if the concrete we build with could help solve the global climate crisis? 

By removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in concrete permanently, our technology allows for the production of the most climate-friendly concrete in Switzerland.
In 2020 we pioneered the market with our modular plants, enabling producers to capture CO2 in concrete. 
As of today, the recycled and CO2-enriched concrete granulate treated with neustark improves the climate balance of fresh concrete by about 10%. In addition to the permanent storage of CO2, this is due to the reduction of the cement ratio in fresh concrete towards the regulatory minimum.


CO2 is removed from our air, carbon dioxide levels in our atmoshpere are thereby reduced.
That's how we undo damage from the past in order to save our future.


About 10kg of the captured CO₂ are permanently stored in each cubic meter of concrete.
It's a natural process sped up from centuries to hours by our technology
(we also quadruple the CO₂ uptake)


The enriched material allows for the reduction of cement in fresh concrete.
Up to 20kg of new CO2 emissions per m³ of fresh concrete are avoided.
About 10kg of COare irreversably stored per m³ of concrete.


Up to 20kg of new CO2 emissions are avoided in the production process.


concrete with a 10% improved carbon footprint
With neustark you can tackle climate changewithout compromising on quality, standards or existing norms.

your options. today. 

Builders, planners, engineers and architects can significantly improve the carbon footprint of their projects without any loss of quality.
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Concrete producers can seamlessly implement our technology into their production process to store CO₂ (which we deliver) in concrete and turn carbon dioxide into a valuable building material.
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To learn more about neustark, our technology and the impact our solution can have to lower the CO₂ emissions of the construction industry, 
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next steps

In 2025, a second technological solution from neustark that complements our current systems will multiply the storage capacity for CO₂ in concrete.
By then each unit of fresh concrete binds at least the amount of CO₂ released during its production and
climate-neutral concrete becomes a reality.
 Marcel Eckstein 
 Head Engineering &   Production
 Dr. Mischa Repmann 
 Carbon removal &
 carbon markets advisor 
 Prof. Dr. Marco Mazzotti 
 ETH Zurich Professor
 Scientific Advisor 

our partners

 Roman Vatter 
 Head Finance 
 & Administration 
 Valentin Gutknecht 
 Co-Founder, CEO 
 & President of the Board 
 Johannes Tiefenthaler 
 Process Engineering Advisor 
 & Member of the Board 
«By 2050 we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the global construction industry by 1bn tons of CO2 per year»
Johannes Tiefenthaler

team lead