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CO₂ sources

We partner with you to valorize your CO₂ emission volumes, today.

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In order to achieve our net zero targets set by policymakers, the calls to extract and store CO₂ from the atmosphere are growing louder.

Climate science underlines that carbon removal (CDR) is crucial in the race to net zero. Not only do we have to reduce emissions as quickly as possible, but we also have to remove the excessive amount of CO₂ in the air from the atmosphere.

Many countries and companies have embedded CDR in their climate strategies – and many more will follow, soon.

By working with neustark, you can explore the new field of valorizing your CO₂ already today.

For your business, for your sustainability goals, and for the climate.

Why point source capture?

The CO₂ content in the atmosphere is around 0.04%. Filtering out CO₂ via direct air capture, for example, is a complex process. But capturing CO₂  during the conversion of biogas into biomethane is simpler and more effective.

This is why neustark works with biogas plants to capture their CO₂ on site.

Such point source capture does not disrupt the plants’ current operations. On the contrary, it adds value: by creating the possibility to valorize your ‘by-product’ CO₂

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How the process works

During your current biogas upgrading process, you release CO₂ into the atmosphere. We equip your site with technology that captures and diverts your CO₂ emission volume for storage.

We then liquefy the CO₂ to transport it to our storage sites. This is where neustark permanently removes the CO₂ by storing it in demolished concrete – thus creating crucial negative emissions.

Dive into how our process works
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Why work with neustark?

Be a pioneer

Carbon removal (CDR) is needed to reach our net zero targets. You have the power to scale up the CDR industry. We have the technology. Let’s lead the way, together.

Additional revenue source

Partnering with neustark to valorize your CO₂ emission volumes helps you to generate an additional income stream.

Make your business (even more) sustainable

Even if your business is (nearly) carbon-neutral, by working with neustark to capture your CO₂ emissions, we can make your impact even more sustainable. Carbon removal creates negative emissions.

Meet your stakeholders’ needs

Whether your employees, your investors, your clients or regulators – all stakeholder groups want to see companies implement tangible, sustainable action now.

Impact today – and tomorrow

Neustark’s carbon removal process is ready, today. By joining forces, you can have a direct impact on your business right away. And, ultimately, a direct positive impact on our climate.

We partner with you to valorize your CO₂ emission volumes, today. This helps you to generate additional income, helps us to capture CO₂ to permanently store – and, ultimately, helps the climate.

Ready to team up?

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Simon Staufer

Simon Staufer

Business Development Manager

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