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We remove CO₂ from the atmosphere – and store it permanently

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Who we work with

Construction & demolition waste recyclers

We partner with you to pioneer a new field. Our technology is embedded at your site – alongside your existing business model and operations. Our partnership helps you to optimize your baseline.

CO₂ sources

We partner with you to valorize your CO₂ emission volumes, today. This helps you to generate additional income, helps us to capture CO₂ to permanently store – and, ultimately, helps the climate.

Businesses with climate targets

We help you to achieve your net zero climate strategy by removing your hard to abate emissions. Neustark’s carbon removal (CDR) is permanent, verified, and measurable.

Get to know us, our team and our technology

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What we do

Demolished concrete is the world’s largest waste stream. Neustark turns this waste stream into a carbon sink. We’ve created and deployed a solution that mineralizes CO₂ in demolished concrete aggregate – thus permanently storing it and removing the CO₂ from the atmosphere.

We work with biogas plants to source our CO₂, concrete recyclers to store the CO₂, and companies with ambitious climate strategies that acquire our CDR (carbon dioxide removal).

In a nutshell: we permanently remove CO₂ and thus generate negative emissions.

We are currently scaling up across the globe – on our way to removing one million tons of CO₂ in 2030, and beyond that.

At the end of their life cycle, buildings are demolished...

...and the demolished concrete is transported, crushed and screened by a recycler

Biogas plant

neustark captures CO₂, then liquefies...

...and transports it to a concrete recycling plant

Concrete recycling plant

neustark's technology injects CO₂ into concrete granules, triggering a mineralization process that transforms the CO₂ into rock

et voilà, the CO₂ is stored permanently

the recycler can use the CO₂-enriched granules as per its usual process... produce recycled concrete or other materials for buildings or roads

Why we do it

By removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in demolition concrete permanently, neustark's technology generates negative emissions. 

Reducing the emissions we produce across the globe is crucial – but to reach our climate goals, carbon removal is also indispensable. 

For a bright future of all generations on our planet.

Why carbon removal is important
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How we do it

Neustark captures, transports and stores CO2 by working with source (e.g. biogas plants) and storage (i.e. concrete recyclers) partners located in close proximity to each other.

Our mineralization technology binds the CO2 in demolished concrete, thus removing it permanently.

Businesses at the forefront of climate action buy our CDR, which, alongside their reduction efforts, helps them to achieve net-zero. 

It’s a win-win-win for our partners and clients, and ultimately and most importantly, the planet and all generations.

How our solution works
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Our vision

We enable permanent CO₂ storage – for a bright future of all generations on our planet.

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