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The neustark story

A look back at how things started... and our key moments up to now.

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CDR connoisseur Mischa Repmann brings together neustark's co-founders, who both have visions of commercializing permanent CO₂ storage in concrete

july 2019

it's official: Valentin Gutknecht & Johannes Tiefenthaler found neustark

summer 2019

we apply for a patent for neustark's mineralization technology

november 2019

from theory to practice: we test the storage of 20 kg of CO₂ in 4 tons of demolished concrete with our first prototype "Welaki"

july 2020

Pioneer, our first mobile pilot, goes into operation at Kästli Bau in Bern, Switzerland

october 2020

neustark wins gold at the MassChallenge, a prestigious accelator program

march 2021

recycled concrete in which neustark has stored CO₂ is used for the first time for a construction project

may 2021

we install our technology to capture biogenic CO₂ at our first source site, Ara Region Bern

november 2021

ETH Zurich launches its research project DemoUpCARMA with neustark et al, aiming at demonstrating the scalability of CCS technologies

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december 2021

go team! neustark is now 10 people strong

february 2022

our first mobile plant Pioneer has now been leased by 20 recyclers at sites in 4 countries, where it treated 15,000 tons of demolished concrete and stored 100 tons of CO₂

march 2022

we inaugurate our first stationary plant in Bern

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march 2022

neustark establishes the world's first Gold Standard methodology for tech-based carbon removal

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march 2022

Microsoft becomes one of our first carbon removal (CDR) clients

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april 2022

neustark signs its first long-term CDR agreement with Verdane

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june 2022

we move to a new HQ in Bern to combine our lab, product development and business functions

august 2022

UBS pledges to remove 29'500 tons of CO₂ with neustark's solution

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november 2022

within DemoUpCARMA, Swiss CO₂ is captured, transported and injected into the ground in Iceland for the first time ever

december 2022

with Marti Arc Jura and Risi (Jura Materials) integrating our technology at their sites, we now have 4 plants up-and-running and storing CO₂ every day

january 2023

Helena Wiemeyer joins the operations team, growing neustark's team to 30 people

february 2023

up to now, we have permanently removed over 240 tons of CO... and are scaling up quickly

may 2023

Innosuisse choses neustark among stiff competition to support within their Swiss Accelerator program. Next to investing significantly in R&D ourselves, support from such programs help us scale at morph speed to match the CDR market needs.

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may 2023

with the go-live of our 7th & 8th sites with partners Holcim and Alluvia/Vigier, we launch our next gen solutions: Holcim is a mobile 'doseur' site, and the latter a large-scale doseur site with a capacity to store around 1000 tons of CO₂ per year

june 2023

10 - this is the number of CO₂ capture and storage sites now in operation, with a cumulative storage capacity of several thousand tons per year. And on we go at the same speed!

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july 2023

we continue growing... and we are moving! We triple our office and lab space in Bern and officially open an office in the heart of Zurich (Sihlstrasse 95)

august 2023

neustark secures one of the largest carbon removal purchases this year, securing two (out of five chosen) CDR projects by the Climate Cent Foundations to permanently store 29,500 tons of CO2 in demolition concrete as well as geologically

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september 2023

neustark and Holcim enter a landmark investment and strategic collaboration agreement. Holcim commits to rolling out neustark's storage technology at their recycling sites worldwide.

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september 2023

Our 1st storage site in Germany goes into operation! This plant at our partner Heim's plant in Berlin will be one of many in Germany, as many other storage sites are under construction.

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november 2023

The two largest cantonal banks of Switzerland, ZKB and BEKB, purchase neustark's carbon removal to neutralize their hard-to-abate emissions. A strong signal that CDR is an integral part of all companies' climate strategy.

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january 2024

in a milestone agreement, neustark will deliver 27,600 tons of high-quality carbon removal to Microsoft over the course of 6 years

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february 2024

1000 – that's how many tons of CO2 we've durably removed to date. A big milestone on the way to 1 million tons in 2030!  

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permanently remove

1 million

tons of CO₂